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Sofas are simply what we do best, we design and make furniture for your home providing both style and comfort. Housen sofas are made with high quality materials. Our experrt craftsman draw on over 20 years of design and manufacturing knowledge. We design and make sofas according to worldwide brand customers and designers, we also visited many countries and chain stores worldwide, so be assured the designed sofas meet taste of marketing.

Learn more about Housen Sofa and our history below.

Our mission statement is “To supply high quality, comfortable and value-for-money furniture that exceeds the customer’s expectation – first time, every time”, factory-wholesale/stores maintain long term stable business.

Using only the nice materials, we are proud to produce sofas that not only look great but are safe and durable. We batch test our fabrics for compliance and our frames very strong, based on our rigorous destruction testing.

Housen Sofa, to be your sofa business partner !



Contact: David Tung

Phone: +86-13295214678

Tel: +86-527-83355088

Email: housensofa@163.com

Add: Zhaoji Industry Zone, Xianguan Town, Shuyang Country, Jiangsu, China

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